2023 3rd International Conference on Environment Resources and Energy Engineering (ICEREE 2023)
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2023 3rd International Conference on Environment Resources and Energy Engineering(ICEREE 2023) will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • Civil Engineering

Land resources, environment and urban planning(土地资源、环境与城市规划)

Ecological Architecture(生态建筑)

Monitoring and Control Of Structures(结构的检测和控制)

Geotechnical Engineering(岩土工程)

Coastal Engineering(海岸工程)

Oil and Gas Well Development Project(油气井开发项目)

Mining Engineering(采矿工程)

Geotechnical Investigation and Design(岩土勘察设计)

Other topics

  • Materials Science and Engineering

Energy Materials(能源材料)

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell(氢燃料电池)

Optoelectronics Materials(光电材料)

Clean coal technology(洁净煤技术)

Application of geosynthetics in water conservancy and water transportation engineering(土工合成材料在水利水运工程中的应用)

Application of geosynthetics in environmental protection engineering(土工合成材料在环境保护工程中的应用)

Other topics

  • Energy Engineering and Energy Technology

Energy industry development and management(能源产业发展与管理)

Renewable energy technologies and systems(可再生能源技术与系统)

Nuclear Energy Engineering(核能工程)

Nuclear Power Technologies(核能技术)

Energy management(能源管理)

Energy Security and Clean Utilization(能源安全与清洁利用)

Energy Storage Technologies(能源存储技术)

Clean Energy Development(清洁能源开发)

Oal Mine Engineering and Technology(煤矿工程与技术)

Conventional energy engineering (coal, oil, natural gas, etc. without conventional power)(常规能源工程)

Energy Conversion and Energy Efficiency(能源转化与能源效率)

Energy Analysis and Energy Transfer(能源分析与能源转移)

Energy Chemical Engineering(能源化学工程)

Machinery and equipment for resource processing(资源加工用机械设备)

Hybrid energy systems(混合能源系统)

Other topics

  • Electrical, Automation and Power Engineering

Wind Energy Engineering(风力发电工程)

Power System and Automation(电力系统及其自动化)

Power System Modeling, Simulation and Analysis(电力系统建模、模拟与分析)

Power System Planning and Scheduling(电力系统规划与调度)

Power system protection, operation and control(电力系统保护、运行和控制)

Power Systems and Energy(电力系统与能源)

Transmission and distribution systems and equipment(传输和配电系统及设备)

Electrical Engineering Technology(电气工程技术)

Electrical energy processing(电能处理)

Solar energy generation(太阳能发电)

Distributed Generation, Fuel Cells and Renewable Energy Systems(分布式发电,燃料电池和可再生能源系统)

Power Internet of Things(电力物联网)

Smart Energy Grid(智能能源网)

Smart Grid Technology(智能电网技术)

Optimizing technology for efficient energy consumption(优化节能技术)

Other topics

  • Hydraulic Engineering

Water and Hydropower Calculation(水利水能计算)

Water Resources Planning and Using(水资源规划及利用)

Hydropower Station Construction(水电站施工)

Water Project and Management(水利工程及管理)

Hydropower Planning(水电规划)

Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering(水文和水资源工程)

Other topics

  • Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering

Environmental Chemistry and Biology(环境化学与生物学)

The environmental protection(环境保护)

Environmental Planning and Assessment(环境规划及评估)

Renewable Energy(可再生能源)

Renewable Energy Technologies and Systems(可再生能源技术与系统)

Environmental Chemistry and Biology(环境化学与生物学)

Clean Coal and Fossil Fuels(清洁煤炭与化石燃料)

Biomass Energy Engineering(生物质能工程)

Mineral Resources and Mining Engineering(矿产资源与采矿工程)

Oil and gas resources engineering(油气资源工程)

Other topics

  • Chemical Engineering

New Energy Development and Energy Chemical Engineering(新能源开发和能源化学工程)

Electrochemical Engineering(电化学工程)

Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics(化学热力学和动力学)

Other topics

  • Traffic Engineering

Urban traffic planning and scheduling(城市交通规划与调度)

Other topics

  • Forestry Engineering

  • Engineering Management

  • GIS Geographic Information System

  • Other related fields

Manuscripts passed the peer-review process by expert reviewers from the conference organizing committee will be accepted and published by Conference proceeding. The published papers will then be submitted to Scopus for indexing. 

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